Baseball Hitting Drills for a Batting Tee: Practice Drills for Baseball, Book 1, 3rd Edition

Baseball hitting drills for a batting tee -Packed with FULL COLOR illustrations of Major League batting drills and accompanied by FREE VIDEO to demonstrate each drill, this book helps players from youth to pro develop a powerful, consistent baseball swing

Packed with FULL COLOR illustrations and accompanied by FREE videos to demonstrate each drill, this book details the HOW and WHY of 20 Major League hitting drills which are designed specifically for use with a batting tee.

Batting tee drills are the essential starting point for crafting a powerful and consistent baseball swing. Among other reasons, (1) tee drills are often the ONLY way to isolate and fix a swing problem; and (2) not everyone has unlimited access to a coach or pitcher to throw them batting practice. These drills are perfect for solo practice or one-on-one coaching.

-- 20 Major League hitting drills to use with a batting tee
-- Perfect for solo practice or one-on-one coaching; No partner required
-- The PERSONAL DRILL HELPER to help you diagnose & fix swing problems by identifying which drills specifically address those flaws
-- FREE VIDEOS with purchase of the book ensure clarity on proper form for each drill (instructions for how to access the videos are inside the book)
-- Full color illustrations & diagrams clearly explain how to do each drill AND common mistakes to avoid
-- Bonus Hitting tips - Discover 7 absolutes for every good hitter, the Ideal Hitting Zone, and more helpful hitting tips

Endorsement from former MLB All Star Albie Pearson - β€œIt takes time and many thousands of swings to craft an effective baseball swing, and to make that swing so second-nature that your body will react with good mechanics when you face live pitching and split-second timing in a game.
This book contains great batting drills that will help you develop your swing into a tool that can take you to the next level in baseball. Doug has been privileged to play professional baseball with and learn from some of the best hitters in the Major Leagues. He is also a smart player who understands the game of baseball and can break it down in ways that are easy to use. I highly recommend this book of drills as a tool to help yourself, your team, or your child develop into a highly effective hitter.” – Albie Pearson, 1958 MLB Rookie-of-the-Year & 1963 MLB ALL-Star

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